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Hindi as a Second Language

Hindi as a Second Language

Cambridge Upper Secondary

Why Study Cambridge IGCSE Hindi as a Second Language?

Cambridge IGCSE Hindi as a Second Language offers learners the opportunity to develop practical communication skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing. In both written and spoken Hindi, learners will be able to follow factual information as well as abstract ideas, select relevant details, and understand what is directly stated or implied. Learners will be encouraged to respond effectively to a variety of stimuli. They will be able to express their viewpoints with a degree of accuracy and clarity, in spoken and written form, in order to meet the needs of the given purpose and target audience. This will enable learners to become independent users of Hindi in a range of contexts.

Cambridge IGCSE Hindi as a Second Language is accepted by universities and employers as proof of knowledge and understanding of Hindi as a Second Language. The Cambridge IGCSE Hindi as a Second Language syllabus encourages learners to develop an understanding of a wide range of social registers and styles, and to learn to communicate appropriately. Our programmes balance a thorough knowledge and understanding of a subject and help to develop the skills learners need for their next steps in education or employment.

The aims of this course are to:

  • develop the ability to use Hindi effectively for the purpose of practical communication
  • form a sound base for the skills required for further study or employment using Hindi as the medium
  • develop an awareness of the nature of language and language-learning skills
  • encourage learners’ use of the expanding body of new vocabulary in Hindi
  • promote learners’ personal development.

Prior requirements and hours of study

Cambridge IGCSE Hindi as a Second Language requires about 130 hours of study. The number of hours needed may vary depending on your previous experience of the subject.

We recommend that learners starting this course should have had prior contact with Hindi at school and/or in their community.



Students studying Cambridge IGCSE Hindi as a Second Language take two papers in a single examination series.

Paper 1 Duration Weighting
Reading and Writing 2 hours 67%
Paper 2 Duration Weighting
Listening 35-45 minutes 33%

Examination Entry

All students who complete the appropriate courses at Cambridge Online Academy are eligible to sit exams like the International GCSEs or A/AS Levels through Cambridge International. But while students can do all of their learning online at home, we cannot administer exams online. To sit exams, students must travel in person to one of 10,000 Cambridge International Exam Centres located in 160 countries around the globe.

But we’re here to help. We’ll provide you with all the necessary exam codes you need to present to the exam centre, and any other pertinent information you need to know to get your child signed up correctly.

Also, as part of the initial information, we provide during the pre-enrolment process, you’ll receive contact information for all the Cambridge International Exam Centres in your area. Once you’ve ensured that the exam centre of your choice offers the specific exam level your child needs, the exam centre will arrange accommodations for your child and give you detailed information on obtaining the results.

Course Fee

The fee for Cambridge International GCSE Hindi as a Second Language can be paid in monthly or termly instalments.

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