Terms & Conditions


    This agreement stipulates the terms and conditions, governed by the law of England and Wales, upon which a place has been offered to your child. Once you have accepted a place for your child, you agree to be legally bound by these terms and conditions.


    It is a policy of Cambridge Online Academy to record all academic lessons. We believe this is in the best interest of all students, teachers, tutors, course instructors and parents. All recorded classes are securely stored on our servers. Recorded lessons will only be shown to students who were enrolled in a course at the time of a lesson, or to Cambridge Online Academy staff.


    Parents/Guardians give Cambridge Online Academy permission to contact any examination centres where a student has sat the examination and request the examination results be released to Cambridge Online Academy.


    Cambridge Online Academy shall endeavour to do all that is reasonable to provide a suitable educational environment for every student. Although we strive for excellence in the educational advancement of our students, Cambridge Online Academy cannot guarantee that the student will achieve their desired examination results or that results will be sufficient to gain entry to other educational establishments.

    Cambridge Online Academy does not currently handle the administration of examinations. Students are required to register as a private candidate. It is the responsibility of parents/guardians to find an examination centre, to meet the deadlines for registration and to cover all costs incurred by taking the examinations.


    Registration Fee and Deposit

    Students may be registered at any time. A non-refundable £100 registration fee is payable upon application for a place at Cambridge Online Academy. Acceptance is by approval of the Executive Director. Parents/Guardians are then asked to pay an entrance deposit of £500 to reserve a place (no deposit needed for One-to-One tutoring only). When the student leaves Cambridge Online Academy, the deposit will be refunded less any sum outstanding to Cambridge Online Academy at that time.

    Payment of fees (excluding One-to-One Tutoring)

    Cambridge Online Academy fees can be paid annually, termly or monthly but each has its own conditions and arrangements.

    1. Annually – the fee is paid before Term starts and covers the whole academic year from September until the end of July.
    2. Termly – there are three Terms in the year.

    Autumn Term is September, October, November and December.

    Spring Term is January, February, March.

    Summer Term is May, June, July.

    Termly fees have to be paid on the first day of the Term.

    1. Monthly – payments of monthly fees have to arrive in the bank account of Cambridge Online Academy on the first day of every month. There are ten payments per year from September to June. The annual fee is divided by 10. It is then billed accordingly. Parents/Guardians need to understand that their payments are not payments for a month’s teaching at Cambridge Online Academy, but a ten monthly division of the full annual fee and that sometimes their payment will fall due when their child is not actually studying at Cambridge Online Academy (for example, when their child is on Holidays).


    One-To-One Tutoring

    One-To-One Tutoring is charged by the hour. Payment for agreed hours must be made one month in advance.

    Late Fee Charges

    The Cambridge Online Academy’s policy is that payment of fees is necessary before Academy services can be delivered and late charges will be imposed if payments are not received as agreed, whether termly, monthly or annually.

    • A late fee charge of £50 will also apply immediately if fees are not paid at the correct time.
    • Subsequently, a late fee equal to 2% of the amount owed will be charged after seven days and every calendar month after that until payment is received in full.
    • If the default continues to occur on monthly payments, the monthly payment arrangement will be withdrawn, and only termly payments will be allowed.
    • If the default is more than ten days, the child will not be permitted to join online lessons until the late amount is paid.

    Suppose an arrangement is not made with a parent/guardian satisfactory to the Cambridge Online Academy within one month. In that case, the Cambridge Online Academy reserves the right to take legal action to recover the debt.


    If you decide to leave us before your child attends his or her first lesson, you will receive a full refund of tuition fees. (The £100 enrolment fee is non-refundable.)

    The first month is considered to be a trial month, and you can leave us any time within the first month of studying with us. In this case, no advance notice required. If you decide to leave us within the first month, the fees paid for the remaining unattended lessons will be refunded. No fees will be refunded for the lessons your child has already attended in the first month of studying with us.

    If you decide to leave us after the first trial month, we require a full term’s notice in writing on or before a term’s first day to qualify for withdrawal at the end of that term.

    If a student attends One-to-One Tutoring lessons only, one month notice of intention to withdraw a student from Cambridge Online Academy must be given in writing to the Executive Director; otherwise, a full month’s fee will be charged.

    Change of fees

    Cambridge Online Academy reserves the right to alter the fees from time to time. Notice of alteration will be given not later than one month before the first day of the Term for which they are payable.


    1. One full Term’s notice of intention to withdraw a student from Cambridge Online Academy must be given in writing to the Executive Director; otherwise, a full Term’s fee will be charged (this is not applicable to the first month of studying with us, which is considered to be a trial month). This means that notice must be given before the first day of a term for withdrawal at the end of that Term. For any notice given mid-term, the Term’s notice period will begin on the first day of the next full Term.
    2. The Executive Director reserves the right to request the temporary or permanent withdrawal of any child if satisfactory standards of work or conduct are not maintained, without remission of Academy’s fees.
    3. No reduction or remission of Academy fees is given in the case of absence. Should circumstances arise beyond our control whereby the student becomes unable to attend live online lessons, Cambridge Online Academy will be entitled to retain all fees already paid, and to recover those not already paid in full.
    4. If a student attends One-to-One Tutoring lessons only, one month notice of intention to withdraw a student from Cambridge Online Academy must be given in writing to the Executive Director; otherwise, a full month’s fee will be charged.

    From time to time, Cambridge Online Academy publishes brochures and other information about the Cambridge Online Academy, which may contain recordings of live online lessons, photographs of students or examples of student’s work. Similarly, audio-visual promotional materials are occasionally made by Cambridge Online Academy or agencies invited in by Cambridge Online Academy. You agree to such publications and/or productions unless Cambridge Online Academy is specially notified to the contrary in writing. This includes publications or displays on the internet.


    Cambridge Online Academy is a private online Academy. In principle and practice, we consider that a child’s education is of paramount importance and should not be compromised in any way in the best interest of the child. To this end, we set the policy to align with this statement, especially concerning attendance, term times and holidays. The reason for this strict policy relates directly to the emphasis which Cambridge Online Academy as a private and independent academy places on the education of each child, as stated above.

    School Calendar

    At the beginning of each academic year, the Academy issues a calendar to parents/guardians, staff and teachers indicating the start and end dates of each Term and half Term in the academic year. Parents/Guardians have a responsibility to ensure that the dates of the calendar are adhered to and that the quality of their children’s education is not, therefore, adversely affected by official academy days being missed for any reason.

    The academy calendar allows for approximately 15 weeks per year when a child is not expected to attend live online lessons. It is during these 15 weeks outside Academy’s Term time that holidays and other family events should be scheduled so as not to cut into official Academy’s Term dates. This emphasis also includes the discipline of logging in on time to attend live online lessons and leaving on time at the end of live online classes.

    Procedure for dealing with requests for authorised absences during Term Time

    Authorised absence from online lessons can only be granted by the Executive Director. Any parent requesting an absence will need to email the Executive Director and explain the reasons for their request. The Executive Director will consider if an authorised absence is justified and decide how long the absence should be.


    The Academy intends to deliver as high a standard of education as possible to each of its students. As absence can significantly undermine the quality of a student’s education, the Academy reserves the right, per its terms and conditions, to charge an extra fee for the additional work that may need to be put in by its staff in order to compensate for time missed by a student. Therefore, except for sickness, if children are not attending live lessons without authorisation, the matter will be addressed as a violation of this policy, Parental Responsibility for Adherence to the Academy Calendar, and will be dealt with as follows:


    A fee of £50.00 per day of absence per child will be charged.


    If a child is absent form live online lessons or not submitting the work assigned to them by the deadline set by their teachers for illness or some other valid reason, the parent/guardian is to inform the Academy immediately by emailing child’s Tutor.

    Parents/Guardians are expected to ensure that their child has had sufficient sleep and a proper breakfast each day before attending live online lessons.


    The Executive Director welcome consultation with parents/guardians on any Academy’s matters. The request for an appointment must be sent by email directly to the Executive Director: head@cambridgeonlineacademy.com


    If your child is behind or has missed vital work, you will be informed that a fee will be charged for any additional one-to-one support required in the Academy’s Qualifications Department.


    It is expected that you help your child with homework (including ensuring time is allocated and suitable distraction-free space is provided) as part of working with the Academy to achieve academic progress for your child.


    It is our goal to work with parents to instil in each student respect and responsibility. All students of Cambridge Online Academy have the right to learn in a safe environment which is stimulating and rooted in mutual respect. An essential objective of Cambridge Online Academy is to develop and maintain a positive, purposeful, safe and secure online learning environment, personal pride, and academic success.

    Virtual Classroom Conduct

    For an online lesson to be educationally effective, all students should abide by the following rules of etiquette:

    • Students’ oral and written communications must be free of any offensive language, or any form of bullying
    • Students must respect the opinions of their classmates, teachers or course instructors and if they feel the need to disagree, they must do so respectfully
    • Students must abide by the rules established by their teachers or course instructors.

    Students who violate the virtual classroom conduct rules will be warned by the teacher or course instructor to correct the behaviour. They may be prohibited from communication with classmates for the rest of the online lesson or longer, depending on the infraction.

    Suppose a student has been repeatedly disciplined in a virtual classroom. In that case, the student may receive read-only privileges in the virtual classroom for the rest of the Term or until the teacher or course instructor deems it appropriate to restore privileges to the student. While students are in live teacher-led lessons, all chat and audio student interactions are considered “privileges”.


    We understand the importance of student privacy, and it is entrusted that any publication, including photographs, videos and other posts by Cambridge Online Academy on our website or social media will be in the best interests of pupils and require parental consent. By agreeing to our Terms and Conditions, you give consent for your child to appear in recorded lessons if they choose to use the microphone or webcam feature of the virtual classroom. Other students of Cambridge Online Academy may view these recorded lessons; however, they will not be shared externally.


    Cambridge Online Academy will take all reasonable steps to ensure that your child uses the facilities of the Cambridge Online Academy platform for appropriate purposes. However, in case of any misuse, your child will be held accountable. Deliberate misuse will be treated as a breach of Cambridge Online Academy rules of conduct which may result in the expulsion of a student from the Academy. Students will use YouTube and other resources from the internet as part of their lessons. It is the responsibility of parents/guardians to ensure that their children have appropriate content controls and internet security software to protect their child from inappropriate online content.


    Your child will be issued with their own email address and the password for academy-based subjects. Your child must use this email address as their username to login into our online learning platform. To help protect your child against online threats such as phishing emails, computer viruses or unsolicited emails from sources outside the Academy, the email address given to your child will be made up of letters and numbers.

    Just like being at a traditional school, the behaviour of your child online must be of a standard expected by Cambridge Online Academy. As such, there is a zero-tolerance policy on:

    • The use of inappropriate language or typing inappropriate words
    • Any form of abusive language, intimidation, threats or bullying
    • Attachment of inappropriate video or audio files or pictures
    • Linking to inappropriate sounds, videos, images or offensive websites.

    To monitor the email systems, we have very robust security tools; therefore, any inappropriate activity or bad behaviour will be immediately detected and reported.

    The email account given to your child must be used only whilst they attend Cambridge Online Academy, and no one other than your child must use or access it. The email account should only be used as directed by the teacher or course instructor and not be shared with anyone outside the Academy. If the email address is to be used at home, then your home computer must have adequate antivirus protection installed.


    It is the responsibility of parents/guardians to ensure their child has access to an appropriate location from which to study. Cambridge Online Academy is not responsible for the home (or any other) study environment. Students, Parents and Guardians are responsible for ensuring that any needed materials such as textbooks are purchased as required and that their child has access to the correct technology and internet.

    It is the parents/guardians responsibility to ensure that their child attends online lessons. In the case of poor internet connection or any issues with the device that the student is using, no refunds will be given.

    If a child is unable to attend a live lesson, a parent or guardian must notify the child’s Tutor by email. If a student misses a live class, they are expected to watch the recording of that lesson at a later date.

    Users of Cambridge Online Academy are home-schooled students. As such, the full responsibility for the provision of their education lies with parents or guardians. Parents/Guardians of students who do not attend traditional, full-time school are responsible for ensuring the legality of home-schooling in their country.


    At least 24-hour notice is required to cancel a scheduled One-to-One Lesson, otherwise the full fee for a cancelled lesson will be charged.

    Lessons that are cancelled due to the fault of the Cambridge Online Academy (e.g. staff illness, system break down, etc.) will be made up in the form of individual work for students or recorded lesson. Cambridge Online Academy does not offer refunds for cancelled classes that are supplied with one of the provisions listed above.

    To continue the provision of lessons, Cambridge Online Academy reserves the right to make changes to the timetable.


    Adding a subject

    If you choose to add a subject, the request must be sent by email directly to the admission team: admissions@cambridgeonlineacademy.com

    Dropping a subject

    One full Term’s notice of intention to drop a subject must be given in writing to the Executive Director; otherwise, a full Term’s fee will be charged. This means that notice must be given before the first day of a Term for withdrawal at the end of that Term. For any notice given mid-term, the Term’s notice period will begin on the first day of the next full Term. Payment information will be changed accordingly. A student may drop a subject during term time; however, no refunds will be given. This does not apply to the first month which considered to be a trial.